“The Blade Philosophical” CD

(Nuclear War Now!)


I was pleased to see that Rites Of Thy Degringolade were returning with a new recording. I have been following the main man drummer / vocalist Paulus and his musical exploits for a very long time. In fact, I interviewed him twice for...

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“Pax Moriendi” CD

(Iron Bonehead Records)


I have been championing the South American scene the last couple years. But, I have been surprised to often be met with comments, like “Oh yeah that scene was good way back in the day from the late ‘80s to the mid ‘90s”. Well, I agree it was great back then, but also I say... 

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“Devouring Mortality” CD

(Dark Descent Records)


I knew the second I looked at that amazing cover artwork, it just had to be Dan Seagrave, and it was, seems like this great artist is having a bit of a resurgence with creating extreme metal covers again. Also, I can hear the skilled mind and fingers of master mixer Dan Swano...

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“II: Campaign Of Extermination” CD

(Self Released)


Blood Of The Wolf play a vicious mixture of blackened death metal ferocity. “II: Campaign Of Extermination” contains eight songs of brutal black death metal with some slower, well written passages intertwined into the speedy musical maelstrom. The drums are...

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“The Frozen Casket” EP

(Redefining Darkness Records)


Here’s an album that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for people like me who are nostalgic for good ol’ Floridian death metal. You’ll know most of what to expect sonically on this album if you’re a fan of Death and/or Obituary, but I would encourage you...

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“Mai-Zang” CD

(Craneo Negro Records / Necrolatry Records)


Andrew Lee (ex-Disincarnation & Draghkar) is the mastermind behind this Californian one man band, who is set to release his new bands debut album. “Mai-Zang” features eight well written songs of old school death metal...

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“Old Mother Hell" CD

(Cruz Del Sur Records)


Cruz Del Sur leave no stone unturned, in their search of traditional heavy metal and doom bands, the world over. This time around, they landed their all seeing eye upon Germany, holding up Old Mother Hell like the gleaming shield of...

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“Reminiscence” CD EP

(Self Released)


Canada’s Empress have released their debut E.P. (listed it as an EP despite a near 30 minute run time), featuring five songs of sludgy and progressive extreme music. The music on this disc is a very interesting, and somewhat original blend of progressive rock with... 

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Directed by Victor Milt

Some of you guy’s may disagree but today’s prono’s suck! Yup, fuck you too! Well, you know sometimes I will find something out of the ordinary. Anyway, back in the 70’s and the early...

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Directed by Shaun Costello

He it is, the infamous Gerard Damniano’s XXX enema rapist flick starring the one and only Jamie Gillis. I can’t think of a better picture suited for the likes of the vile Gillis. This picture till this day has... 

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Directed by Joel M. Reed

The movie starts off with a so-called magician named Sardu and his midget side kick, putting on a show of women being tortured to death. The audience eats it up and does not realize the horror they are watching... 

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Directed by Edgar Wright

I know there are a lot of horror fans who were not into this because they thought it was a shot at the genre, like we can laugh at those who watch them. But it is not and the more I learn about the creators the...

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The Editorial rambling of an old metal fan...

A man is never too drunk, so long as he can hold onto one blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth.

Well it is about fucking time I wrote something new in this space. The thing is I have not been spending as much time on this site as I probably should. Yeah I have been still adding updates here and there. I could be more frequent with it. I will endeavor to step it up a bit. But what the hell right, us old goats have families, children and all kinds of other shit that needs our time and attention. Canadian Assault is still very important to me though and has been going for 16 years now!! It will keep on the march, ever vigilant , dedicated and ornery.

So partly what I was getting at is another reason I have spent a little less time on CA, is because I strengthened and re-rediscovered my love for film. I just can not seem to get enough of it lately and it is an ongoing obsession that I do not see waning any time soon. My love for movies and especially movies of the horror / gore / cult & exploitation variety. Those sick, mean, gory flicks and also I am getting into the 70s exploitation movies pretty hard lately, the grindhouse stuff and roughies and that sort of thing. I have always been into that but not at nearly this level. It is like a fire that needs to be continually stoked with more firewood and fuel.

One of the ways I am getting my fix these days is through horror, exploitation and cult movie podcasts. If you have not gotten into the podcast scene too much, well then you are missing out. There is some amazing ones out there. They remind me in some ways of the old print metal fanzines. Not always the content, but the spirit of the thing.

Also interestingly enough the founding member of the podcast Exploited Cinema (which I co-hosted for a couple years) who goes by the name Bat32 is now helming an off-shoot printed fanzine of the podcast called Sleazefiend. I wrote an article in it and issue #1 and reviews in issue 2 which is coming out soon! 

Click away at the pic below where you will find more info on Sleazefiend with ordering options for the zine or click the Exploited Cinema logo to go to the podcast website:    

I hope one day to make PDFs of all of the old print issues of Canadian Assault. The physical copies are no longer for sale, so it would be cool to have this way for them to live on. I mean I have some of that stuff on the site already. But each issue was sort of like a snapshot of the scene at the time, my life at the time and mental space I was at during that time, each issue is sort of like an album distinct to themselves and best digested as a whole. So it would be nice to be able to still present them to those who missed them to finally get to see them and to those old supporters who lost their copy or just would like to have a copy of it on their computers or what the fuck ever devices haha. I have so far and plan to keep the issues as they were back then without messing with them. However, in a few places where the original album covers or photos etc... were either too dark to even tell what they were or at least hard to tell what they were. If I can find the exact same picture might as well drop them in and have it look the way I originally intended it before I fucked it up or the printer fucked it up or the duplication equipment limited it etc... Otherwise I am changing nothing and it is purely a scan of each page from the issue. So far, I have only completed the first two issues in this process (see below). Time will tell how long this project will take me to complete, lots of other things in life, current things with this site. So just keep checking back for those interested. Thanks as always for the support my fellow metal comrades around the world!


Dale Roy




The Canadian Assault print issue Zineography:


I am not selling the back issues any longer. I will try to keep putting more content from the old issues on this site. I also hope one day to have PDF versions of some more of the print issues. Which will be a free download. To start things off I am making the issue #1 PDF available now below. Just right click and hit save to download.

Thank you to everyone who support CA. Cheers!

~ Dale


ISSUE # 1:


The debut issue is xeroxed and contains 56 full sized pages and has interviews with: Infernal Majesty, Stratorvarius, Fleshgrind, Tenebrae, Rotting, Eternal Darkness Recs/magazine/DistrIbution, Arch Enemy, a 2 page Venom tribute section and more...

PDF Low Quality Version 25MB         PDF High Quality Version 150MB


ISSUE # 2:


The sophomore release with the following interviews: Gorguts, Incantation, Intestine, Headache Described fanzine, Lust, Quo Vadis, plus more. It is pro-printed on high quality newsprint and is 48 full sized pages. Also it has a new feature the killer quotes section that collects juicy quotes from all over the underground scene and reprints them. A ton of reviews and many other surprises.

PDF Low Quality Version 25MB         PDF High Quality Version 150MB


ISSUE # 3:


Pro printed on newsprint but added this time is a glossy black & white cover! The Interviews include: Skinless, Athotorgh, October 31, United Guttural Records, all 3 female editors of Metal Mafia fanzine, Darkthrone, Pegazus & lots more. Again we have the Killer Quotes section, a ton of reviews, Ancient album reviews. Articles on Canadian deathrash legends Disciples Of Power and big jugged porno actress Christy Canyon. All of this and much more in a 52 full size page package on high quality newsprint with a black & white glossy cover.


ISSUE # 4:


The historic split issue with the legendary long running Eternal Darkness with their 13th issue. You get 2 dedicated underground fanzines for the price of 1!! It has a black & white glossy cover, pro-printed at a immensely packed 68 pages! Some of the cult interviews included are: Pagan Records, Nunslaughter, Immolation, Kaamos, Damnation Records, Unpure, Rites Of Thy Degringolade, Lust, Vulpecula. Ultra hot porn actress Shane and A FUCKING TON MORE!!!! Including a pictorial of the almighty Venom!! Diehard features such as Killer Quotes and the popular Ancient Album Reviews.


ISSUE # 5:


Issue 5 comes in a half-size form for the first time, pro-printed with black & white glossy cover and is 68 fucking pages! Interviews include Denial Of God, Rebaelliun, Tales Of The Macabre zine, Destruktor, Disgorge, Necrodeath, Svartsyn, Dekapitator, Urgrund, Desecration and a shitload more!! Including 2 porn actress interviews!! As well as kult features returning like Ancient album reviews, Killer Quotes, Ye Olde flyer pages (Including cult OLD flyers from Sacrifice, Slaughter, King Diamond, Necrovore, Repulsion etc...


ISSUE # 6:


You get 100 packed Half size pages of damnation, alcohol & metal lust! Everything you expect from Canadian Assault is here. the Interviews this time around include: Bloodstorm, Thornspawn, Leather 'n Spikes zine, Gospel Of The Horns, Bestial Mockery, Darkness Eternal, Slaughter and tons more.


ISSUE # 7:


This installment features interviews with: Deeds Of Flesh, Grand Belial's Key, Witchburner / Iron Bonehead Records, Paniac Records, possibly the longest Nunslaughter interview ever!! Also a re-print of a very old pre-Fallen Angel Of Doom  Blasphemy interview courtesy of Keith Dempe of Eternal Darkness 'zine. This issue feautures also the first installment of the now notorious Roundtable of ranting & raving featuring various underground metal personalities...


ISSUE # 8:


Yes we decided to try once again the split issue thing. This time with my Canadian metal brethren Cath and her mighty Leather 'n Spikes! It seemed natural since we support each other and are both on issue #8. You get 116 full size pages with b&w glossy cover! Interviews are: Pentagram (US doom legends!), Destroyer 666, Abigail, Lust, Cobalt, Insision, Hellflame Productions, Goatfire, Terrorama, Misery's Omen, Drakkar Productions, Possessed (yes a new one), a new PC killing brutal Ranting Roundtable...


ISSUE # 9:


The interviews this time around include: Terrorama / I Hate Records, Nocturnal / Deathstrike Records, Victimizer, Mortuary Drape, Octagon + more! We have gone back to our roots with this final print issue, it is photo-copied for the first time since issue 1! But this time but with a more superior presentation of photo's / graphics and a cardboard full colour front and back cover! A ton of reviews, demos, horror flicks, a big vinyl review section, fanzines and many other surprises!







Dale Roy

Dale Roy Creator / Writer / Editor & Webmaster of all things Canadian Assault

Yes the name was taken from the almighty Venom

What is there to tell really? I started out with fanzine writing at the start of the 90s writing for fanzines like Atheist Anthems, Devourment of Souls, Growling Brutality, Inner Source and a bunch more but the main one I wrote for was the notorious Canadian zine The Sepulchural Voice - just a great fanzine with a fuck you attitude. I remember for a while in the early 90s we were banned by Century Media and others for the lewd behaviour exhibited within. Anyway I decided to do my own thing in late 1997 and work on Canadian Assault issue 1 began in earnest and the debut seen the light of day and the dark of night in early 1998. For those wondering I am Canadian. I grew up in Canada for the first 24 years of my life, my parents, siblings etc... all still live there but I moved to the USA at the end of 1998 after meeting an American woman. Oh yes, I am an old man, or in a more metal term an old goat in the scene. I have a wife now, two children, a house, a mortgage and all that fun shit. But I still keep soldering onward, like old man river. Enough about me enjoy the fucking zine and support the scene!



Top 10 Album playlist:

RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE - The Blade Philosophical 2018

DRUID LORD - Groteque Offerings 2018

MOTORHEAD - Another Perfect Day 1983

ABSU - Barathrum V.I.T.R.I.O.L 1993

BEHERIT - The Oath Of Black Blood 1991

GORGUTS - From Wisdom To Hate 2001

SPITE - Antimoshiach 2018

THE ACCÜSED - Martha Splatterhead's Greatest Stories Ever Told 1988

THE OBSESSED - The Church Within 1994

CRYPTOPSY - Blasphemy Made Flesh 1992

Top 5 Demo / 7" / Live playlist:


MORNING STAR - Inside The Circle of The Pentagram Demo 1996

LAVAGOAT - Ladies From Hades EP 2016

IMMORTAL POSSESSION - Delicacy of Disease Demo 1992

NECROMANTIA - From The Past We Summon Thee 7" ep 1995


Patrick Schroeder

Assistant Editor of Canadian Assault

 You already know Patrick, if you read the reviews section. I first met Patrick when he started ordering Canadian Assault print zine, and also from my fanzine distro, this was probably about a decade ago or so (Yes we are both old goats in this scene!). Since then we have gone on to become very good friends and metal brothers. Patrick picked up the mantle writing for fanzines and creating a couple of his own, such as Painful Reality & Primitive Ways zines. 

As you can see, from the title above, Patrick has accepted my invitation to become a permanent part of Canadian Assault. He is the new Assistant Editor of CA and you will continue to read his reviews and now Patrick will also be handling a lot of band interview duties. Which is a great honour for me and also frees me up to concentrate more on reviewing and updating & doing layouts for this site. Welcome aboard brother!!

Be sure to check out Patrick's own webzine as well (see link below). It is a great zine in it's own right and in some ways a companion to Canadian Assault. So go over there and read, any labels or bands feel free to send promos to Patrick for review, he is an honest and supportive guy who lives for the UG scene and some of his reviews will appear on both sites, so double exposure.

Winter Torment webzine



Mark Sugiyama


Being a life long metal head at my core, I am a weird dichotomy of interests, both musical and otherwise.  I witnessed my first concert at the ripe old age of 9 (KISS at the Seattle Coliseum on the Dynasty Tour).  It's been down hill ever since.

I like what I like.  Period.  I consider myself an open minded metal musician.  I know it's "kult" to hate mainstream music, to kill trendies and all that, but I take artists and their music for what it is; music.  I have no problem playing a Goat Vomit demo at one moment, an old Demon album the next.  Metal music is my foundation and always will be.

Do I fit in with the Canadian Assault of old and new?  That remains to be seen.  But I can tell you this.  You may not agree with my reviews but I will always call it as I see it.  From a fan and a musician's point of view. 

I'm glad to be here!




Jeffrey Kusbel

Writer for Canadian Assault

Death before Dishonor

Well unfortunately after about 6 years or so of writing for the Assault Jeffrey has decided to retire from fanzine life to concentrate solely on the label. Though is one ever 100% retired in this life? Do not be surprised if Jeffrey contributes the odd    vinyl review and maybe an interview once in a blue moon. Either way his writing will be missed but with the extensive archiving of past issues and so many of Jeffrey's reviews and a number of interviews included in the archives I thought he deserved a spot in the Canadian Assault roster listings. UP THE IRONS BROTHER!!!