Obviously, anyone who has been visiting this site with any kind of frequency over the past year or so would have realized that AKR has basically been dead. No store updates and more importantly, no releases. I wanted nothing more than to keep this thing alive, after all I did put years of my life into shaping something I could be proud of. Something that at the very least, people would remember for being executed with passion and operated with integrity. I think this has been the case overall and I certainly want to thank those very few supporters whose patronage over the past year and a half has been amazing. I do this for myself yes but I couldn't do it without you.

It was always my intent to complete the current Autopsy Kitchen release schedule from day 1. If I promised it, then it would be released. 2011 will be spent catching up with all of our artists and hopefully getting the currently scheduled releases out there finally. AKR is also selectively trading once again so expect sporadic updates to the online store. Thanks especially to our artists (Marblebog, Murmur, Gulaggh, Funereal Moon, Ensepulchred) for being laid back and patient about forthcoming releases. Not once did I ever feel "pestered".
Apologies also to Raging Bloodlust. Pathetic I know but I still have a package here sitting in the back of a closet that I need to send to you. Somehow you ended up being the only person I ever fucked over. Til then, Jeffrey

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