Interview with Blackthorn by Namtar Axarcuth May 2023…

This is Namtar Axarcuth (Owner of Plague Demon Records, Namtaru, ex-Blood Storm) coming to you from Philadelphia PA,  Today we're going to interview the main man behind the mighty Thornspawn. Who has been waging war on the Underground and society for nearly 30 years!! Read on and see what this demon had to stay...



1.) Hails brother, you have been doing Thornspawn a long time now, in the beginning year's you had a lot more members, how do you feel about the band changing and evolving over the years?
Hails Namtar and thank you for the support and brotherhood all these years of both Thornspawn & my own musical endeavors. I think that change and evolution is a part of not only life but of art. One must evolve and change its perspective as one grows and matures. One has to reinvent its self to interpret what one wishes to transmit in to its music. Yes band members have came and went throughout the years and there has not been a steady “line up” for over a decade now. But in a sense that is a great thing, as the changes and inspiration that I find, metamorphizes in to something greater than myself and my art. So naturally there is no room or interest for established members anymore….

2.) What was your vision of Thornspawn in the beginning and is the vision still the same for you or has it changed over the years?
The vision has always remained the same, Barbaric & Bestial Black Metal filled with ravage hatred and a proclamation of War against all. I am not here to reinvent the wheel per say, but to give my interpretation of what true Black Metal madness should be. I actually am semi quoting a comment given to me by a long time friend and fan I ran in to after some years. And his words were these above, that he was very selective with the bands of today, but enjoyed very much my steadfast approach to the continuation of the band all these years. Not trying to change what the purity and darkest essence of what Thornspawn introduced all those years ago.

3.) Has your lyrical content stayed the same from the early years or do you feel it has grown or evolved from your original lyrical content?
Lyrical manifestations remain the same. Death, hatred, vengeance, antireligious sentiment and the abolishment of all false white light and disgusting goodness. Perhaps it has grown in the “poetic” form and interpretation but the message is clear, Death to Mankind.

4.) Do you have any plans to tour in the upcoming months or years, if you have anything planned where would your fans be able to see you? What do we have to look forward to if anything?
There are talks about a few shows in California (Los Angeles/San Francisco) in August 2023 as well as a few shows in Canada (Montreal, Quebec, Toronto) sometime in July 2023. A tour of Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador) are being arranged for end of year or early 2024 by organizers in that region where we shall have the assistance of a few session guitar players. And lastly 2024 will finally see Thornspawn storming East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan) as well as China and Japan. This is something I have waited for over 20yrs!! More info shall be given on all our social media platforms soon…Beware!

5.) You and I have been friends a long time now as you invited us to play ( when I was in Blood Storm) down to San Antonio many times to your Sacrifice Of The Nazarene Child Festivals, do you see yourself putting any other festivals together in the future?
That is correct we met at my then Fest and have remained friends since. Even though we lost touch for some years, it is great to see you continuing with your label, your band Namtaru, and now conducting interviews. I hail you for your tenacity and commitment to this art known as Black Metal!! I have through the years been asked IF and when I will bring back Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Black Fest but I think that the underground is not in need of such a festival since there are so many these days. The exclusivity and special feeling of such a fest is not something that can be duplicated in this day and age. I think when that fest was created it was created for “US” and not for the masses.

6.) I think this era of Thornspawn is amazing!  You are lucky enough to have Hella your amazingly talented wife with you in the band, that must be a great addition to the band and a great feeling for you personally, can you tell us your feelings on this matter and what Hella adds to Thornspawn in your eyes?
Yes I think that Thornspawn has gone through a transformation and this exact moment has become its greatest point. Since Hella has joined the band it has given its final and strongest deathblow. What I refer to is that with her hunger, passion and commitment to this band and the vision that I have had all these years. Combining both forces has given back that infernal fire within, that I had created that summer in 1993. Her presence in the forefront truly commands respect and above all BM fury and it can be seen in her eyes creating a fire breathing spectacle that everyone that has seen it live truly engages with her and her BM possession.

7.) I know you were using a session guitarist live for a good while there,have you found a steady member yet? If not do you plan on finding a permanent guitarist?
Thornspawn shall always have session guitarists. I don’t think I shall ever find or honestly care to find a permanent member, ever. I have set my ways, and I refuse compromises. Things work better with less people trying to dictate or manipulate what is one’s vision or art. I think that IF I would ever find someone of this capacity they would have to bleed themselves for years and prove their allegiance to me and this band before I would ever consider giving them a say so or voice.

8.) Do you care to share the title of your newest release and do you have anything else in the works right now for your fans to look forward to? 
“Coronation of the Supreme Beast” shall be the next full length and released through Werewolf Records (Finland) on CD, Tape, Vinyl, and Pic Disc. We had created a rough mix recently to introduce a few songs to our fans. But now it is time to get to work with the final mix, which shall be done at Temple of the Beast Studios by myself and my son Absu. The final mastering shall be conducted by Mikko Aspa of Deathspell Omega / Clandestine Blaze at his studio. Death is imminent.

9.) If you have a favorite song of your own which one would it be and why?
One of my latest tracks is dedicated to the memory of David “Blackmoon” Parland, titled “Blackmoon Arise!” Which is a tribute and respect to the man who inspired me to pick up the guitar 6yrs ago.

10.) Can you tell us the main musical influences for your writings?
Many years ago I could tell you that this band or that band has influenced my writing. Now, I can honestly say that I have detached myself from being “influenced’ or inspired when it comes to my efforts in composing or brainstorming ideas for a song. And these efforts have worked out perfectly to construct my own path without imitating ancient godz.

11.) Do you have anything else you would like to share? Any words of wisdom for other up and coming bands, or any thanks you would like to give to anyone in particular?
I hail you for this interesting and well thought out interrogation. I think that advice these days fall on deaf ears. Besides I think that bands of today should battle, suffer, and learn from victories and defeats in order to truly embrace and know the true “wisdom” that this music brings. In those times neither you nor I had any sound advice given to us by bands or anyone for that matter. And we built our empire upon a throne of bones, of those that fell in battle not being strong or able enough to withstand the hellstorm. I invite those that wish to contact me or hear my bands for the first time may do so at the following locations:



The Thornspawn Discography 

The Dacian Empire Demo 1996

Consecration of Evil Flesh Demo 1997

Infernal Legions 7" EP 1999

Blood of the Holy, Taint Thy Steel Full-length 2000

Empress From The Realms of Blasphemy CD EP 2001

Wrath of War Full-length 2002

Thornspawn / Unholy Archangel Split Album 2002

Horns To The Kult 7" EP 2004

Infernal Allegiance - First Possession Compilation 2004

Altars of the Perversed Flesh Live album 2005

Sanctified by Satan's Blood Full-length 2007

6 Black Candles, 6 Rotting Hearts, 6 Sacrifices for Satan Split 2007

Rituals of the Night Split Album with Hacavitz 2008

United in Hell's Fire - Tribute to Goat Destroyer and Judas Isaksson Split 2010

Impious Jaws of Bestial Rites & Evil Consecrations (Walpurgis Sabbatical) Split Album w/Black Angel 2011

Emissaries of the Darkened Call - Three Nails in the Coffin of Humanity Split w/ Varathrone & Black Altar 2012

Sacrilegious Unification Spawn of Abominable Darkness & Hate Split w/Istidraj 2013

Death Is the Crown of All Compilation 2017

Guided by Vengeance & Bloodlust Split CD & Cassette EP with Maledictvs 2021





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