“Issue # 13”

*100 pages*


Ahh hell yeah, the new issue of Aquelarre fanzine is out and it is in English! I am excited about that. An interesting note for me too is one of the main guys that helps do this fanzine, which originates from Peru (!!), is a man named Paul Caravasi, who actually lives about an hours drive away from the Canadian Assault headquarters here in the States. I am so thrilled I can finally read this thing, rather than looking through it, seeing how awesome the layout and contents look and being jealous of those who were able to read it. This fanzine is totally old school, the way I love printed fanzines, it is photo-copied, cut ‘n paste style layout with cool sick and morbid page boarders (old page boarders rule the world!). I am telling you, you get a huge bang for your buck as well, this thing is thick as hell and weighs in at 100 pages of spiked fist to the head. The format is not the only thing that is old school, I think the editors / contributors tastes is for the old styles and spirit and I love that. You get plenty of music and fanzine reviews and those are well done. The interviews are excellent as well, though sometimes I wish they were a little longer / more in depth. But done this way you can fit a lot of them and some of the interviews in this issue are Entrapment, Adrenicide, Crucifier, Satanas, Execration, Morbid Slaughter etc… Despite the number of issues released I believe this fanzine has been around for over 15 years!! Support these guys. $8 US for those outside of Peru from their American offices. Write Paul Caravasi right away, he is a really dedicated and cool guy.  - Dale  




Issue # 15

*48 Pages* *Pro Printed*


It has been a while, since I have managed to get my claws on a new issue of Aquelarre, which comes to us from Peru. I am happy to report; unlike his countryman’s Testament fanzine, this one is actually written in English which is great for me! There is a lot to like here, right off the hop with a cool cover and great old school page borders, which are something I really love in an UG zine. The interviews are really good; they did a good job of enticing longer answers (something that seems like more and more of a rarity these days) out of these bands, which always makes for better interviews. The interviews include Anatomia, Morbosatan, Cobra, Nihilifer, Tombstoners, Perversion, Faethom, Rigor Mortis, Evil Army, Morgengreau and Suture. But, my fave interview was with a Peruvian band named Kraken, who I have become a huge fan of recently, just amazing thrash!! It was great getting to read an interview with them in English. Plus of course you also get a bunch of solid reviews of CDs, vinyl, tapes and fanzines. It was a long wait for a new issue, but it was worth the wait, if you still support printed fanzines as you should then you need to get a copy of this issue posthaste.  - Dale  




“Issue # 1”

*40 pages* *A5 size* *Xeroxed* Folded*



Fucking great little half-sized ‘zine from Canada on it’s debut issue. The interviews are: Civil Carnage, Dichotic, Sheavy, Groinchurn, & Slap A Ham Recs./Spazz. Reviews include Album/demo/horror movies plus a tribute to the mighty Motorhead! You can buy this from me (well not any longer, this is an old review and my fanzine distro is long gone now) for the price above or the directly thru the editor  - Dale




“Issue # 2”

*80 pages* *Xeroxed (Half size)* *No binding/staples*


Another great issue and I totally dig this unique fanzine! The chats this time around are: Agathocles, Goatsnake, Pessimist, Obliteration, Richard R. Anasky (director/writer of horror/gore film “I Am Vengeance” (it will have a metal soundtrack). There are tons of reviews and most of them are vinyl so for vinyl freaks like myself this is a must have!  – Dale

P.O. Box 22148, 7071 Bayers Rd., Halifax, N.S., B3L-4T7, CANADA    



“Issue # 1”

*26 pages* *Xeroxed* *Side stapled*


My metal brother Kevin has built a great foundation to build off of here. The layout style is simple but different than the usual which is good. Inties with: Rotting, Internal Bleeding, Dead Orchestra, Manilla Road, Ketamyne, and me (Canadian Assault!) and more. Lots of reviews and plenty of dedication make Brainscab a mag to look out for!  - Dale

c/o Kevin Hansen, Box 38, Chenney, KS. 67025, USA




“Issue # 6”

*80 pages* *A4 size* *Newsprint (Glossy b&w cover)* *Center stapled*


Tits! I got a new issue of Brutalized to mentally headbang to!! This mag exudes metal and all of it’s glorious virtues. This issue has nearly doubled it’s normal page count, even more brutality and charismatic writing to go ‘round. Short but interesting chats include: Morta Skuld, Neuraxis, Pessimist(Good long chat, one of Phil’s best so far), Divination, Hammerfall, Iniquity, Lividity, Edenrot, Primal Fear, Dying Fetus, Midnight 666 Records, Jungle Rot, Disgorge, Deceased, Sabbatic Feast, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation. Also hundreds of solid CD/demo/7” reviews and a cool guest review of the Milwaukee Metalfest.  – Dale

Brutalized, c/o Phil Nauman, P.O. Box 886, Lebanon, PA. 17042, USA  




“Issue # 2”

*48 pages* *A4 size* *Pro-printed (Colour Glossy Cover)* *Center Stapled*


I totally dig this fanzines name. What you get are some fairly interesting chats with: Internal Bleeding, Suffocation, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Immortal Suffering, Prophecy, Viral Load, Crucifixion, Six Feet Under, Damnable, & gore artist Zig. If you like lots of cool gore art too this is the ‘zine for you. I see room for improvement and better use of space but besides that a solid fleshy ‘zine for all brutal death/gore metallers to sink their teeth into.  - Dale

Corpse Gristle, c/o Hound, 3521 Oak Lawn Ave., Suite 666, Dallas, TX. 75219, USA   




“Issue # 11”

*40 pages* *Newsprint* *Center stapled*


Amazing veteran mag. Editor Tim is a good writer and is a bit of a sarcastic comedic genius in my opinion. He comes up with some real gut busting stuff! The font is nice and small so at 40 pages your getting 70 pages worth of material at other mags font size. Inties: Requiem, The Forgotten, Somnus, Scepter, Majesty, Endless and a bunch more. All the cartoon clippings and stuff are really good and sets the mood. Get this immediately!!  - Dale

P.O. Box 3547, Lantana, FL. 33465 – 3547, USA





Issue # 7” Fall / Winter 2021-2022

*30 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed* *Side Stapled*


There is so much story and history not only behind this fanzine, but also this issue itself even. I am probably going to describe this in two different reviews for reasons that will be obvious very soon. First I should say this fanzine is by my longtime contact Paul Sanchez (who also operates the excellent Doomsday’s Today record label that specializes in cassette releases). Paul put out six print issues of Death By Metal in the 1990s mainly. He was working on issue 7 around the turn of the century, but it never came to fruition …until now! So this issue is made up of mainly interviews that were meant to be in that issue way back when and only now see the light of day. One of those interviews is with me for Canadian Assault and it is only 21 years old!!! If I do say so myself reading it back, it is a fun and in-depth interview with me that also includes a moment or two that I cringe at now, but I was young and that was over 20 years ago! Haha!. Some of other interviews in here, all are good in my opinion are from that 1999 to 2000 time frame and include The Chasm, Sour Vein, Varathron, Estuary Of Calamity, Dekapitator, Arghoslent, Gospel Of The Horns, Disciples Of Mockery, Scorched-Earth, Canadian Assault and the almighty Keith Dempe of Eternal Darkness / Bestial Kommand of War fanzines and distro. There is also an old flyers page (I know someone else who loved to print old ass flyer collages in his fanzine – yes you know I love that shit!) and also an article by a guest writer about his deep connection with “Convenant” album from Morbid Angel. Whenever I think of that album I always think of the Power Hour on Muchmusic (Canadian version of MTV) went to Florida for a multi-episode look into the Floridian death metal scene. They went to Morrisound studios at like midnight out in the trees behind the studio where they interviewed David Vincent in the middle of recording “Covenant” – great album for certain. Anyways, back to the ‘zine itself as you can see above it is photocopied cut ‘n paste UG DIY style and it is a cool little time capsule into 21 years ago in the scene! Check it out!  - Dale    





Issue # 8” Winter / Spring 2022

*40 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed* *Side Stapled*


This issue is really a continuation of the above review of issue #7. I mean it is a extension of the previous issue with all interviews once again done back in the 1999/2000 time period and were all done for an issue (number seven) of Death By Metal fanzine that never came out back then and remained unreleased until now. The only difference with this issue is editor Paul Sanchez decided to also include a handful of interviews from issue 3 and 4 that apparently were ultra limited issues and those interviews are James Murphy, Master, Sadus, Immolation, Asystole & Infinifixion. All of those named interviews are from 1996 though does James Murphy count as an interview? It is only five questions with relatively short answers, but hey, it is James fucking Murphy so it is still cool regardless. With regards to the interview lengths some are in-depth like I love them, some are on the shorter side, but all are interesting in some way so I enjoyed reading this little time capsule. A fun personal game for me was hitting up the Encyclopaedia Metallum site to see how long all of these bands lasted after those interviews with a few exceptions that are still around all these years later. I would list all of the interviews but just look above this review to see a comprehensive list of all the contents of this issue. I normally do not like silly or just whacky interviews (see the nauseating Bill Zebub interviews in Grimoire… fanzine) but (an exception is) the interview with Dr. Randall Phillip author of Extrermination Zone and Fuck fanzine, which is a minor masterpiece of whacky fucked up answers including talking about his roommate Richard Hoak ex-drummer of Brutal Truth and current drummer of Total Fucking Destruction with their fantasy debauchery. The layout is like the last issue total cut ‘n paste goodness in the same style as the above issue. Check it the fuck out!  - Dale    


P.S. – I had thought there was only to be one more issue of these reprint issues and then DBM was being put to rest. That reprint issue is all old reviews and is now out for those interested. However, there is plans to continue Death By Metal by releasing future issues with new material! Just to make this further confusing if you are not already knowledgeable about Paul and his fanzine history, he briefly did a different fanzine prior to DBM called La Muerte ‘zine. He is also reviving La Muerte fanzine with new reviews & interviews, so contact and follow him for that I know it is going to kill!




“Issue # 2”

*32 pages* *A4 size* *Newsprint* *Center Glued*


This is pretty good, I don’t think I could have come up with something this good at age 15 like editor Alex did. Obviously from the title this is a hardcore/death metal ‘zine. So far each issue has had a “Who sucks more?” section and this time it is between Powerman 5000 and Sevendust. Inties are: Mehuggah, Alterkation, Candiria, Regurgitation, Red Sky, Lividity, Fury Of 5, Deaden, Skinless, Devourment, God Forbid, and Spinecast. Great start and it will only get better.  - Dale

Death-core, c/o Alex Queller, 11 Colts Brook Road, Marlboro, NJ. 07746, USA  




“Issue # 1”

*34 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed* *Center Stapled*


This is a different but good ‘zine here. It mainly prints any cool articles, news clippings ect. that the editor comes across. Also, an interview Joe Coleman & anarchist collage artist Freddie Baer and fantastic artwork done by editor Dennis Dread and others, nice change of pace. This could be a fanzine to keep an eye going forward.  - Dale

Destroying Angels, c/o Dennis Dread, Box 40667, Portland, OR. 97240-0667, USA   




“Issue # 1”

*34 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed* *Side Stapled*


Subtitled on the cover “Music’s supposed to soothe the savage beast...not create one”. Hmm Great new ‘zine on the scene that I cannot help but recommend very higly! Inties include: Fear Factory, Exhumed, Cryptopsy, Blood Duster, Grift, and Dahmer. You also get a German h.c. scene report, listing of cool websites, and a article on whether death metal could ever go mainstream. Excellent start and foundation.  - Dale

Discordia, c/o Peter Richards, 16894 St. Andrews Rd., Caledon East, Ontario, L0N 1E0, CANADA  





“Issue # 1”

*32 pages* *A4 size* *Pro Printed (Glossy pages)* *Center Stapled*


Here is this ‘zines debut attack, it receives my respect straight off. Due to it’s moniker like mine is named after something Venom (my fave band of all time) related. Nice strong start. Besides a German scene report and an article on the Occultist Stanislas de Guatia, in addition to over 30 descriptive demo/CD/live reviews. Inties are: Anubi, Melechesh, Desaster, Zephyrous, Song D’ Enfer, Eosteric. 2nd issue is out by now I think!?  - Dale

Don’t Burn The Witch, c/o Flagellu, P.O. Box 647, Criciuma, SC. 88801970, BRAZIL  




“Issue # 24 (Summer/Fall ’98)"

*80 pages* *A4 size* *Newsprint* *Center Stapled*


Thanx to Liz (who was the publicist at Earache at the time of this ‘zines creation, but now does publicist duties for Nuclear Blast America) for sending this in for review. The layout is good and easy on the eyes and Liz is an excellent writer. But I have to be honest I only got into maybe 50% of this ‘zine as the rest of it is decidedly mainstream hardrock and metal that gets more than enough exposure in Metal Edge ect. Interviews and articles include: Disarray, Stuck Mojo (ugh), Godflesh, Sebastian Bach, Megadeth, V.O.D., Genitorturers, The Crystal Method, Napalm Death, Insane Clown Posse, Soulfly, Life Of Agony, Deftones + more. I must say even at a heavy 80 pages it is fucking packed!  - Dale

Earsplit, c/o Liz, P.O. Box 142, Congers, New York 10920-0142, USA  





“Issue 2” Winter 2014

*52 Pages* *Pro Printed*


The cover as you see above looks great, it is presented in thick cardboard glossy paper, with some interesting artwork on the inside and on the back covers. Also, yes in case you were wondering, that sweet logo on the front cover is courtesy of the immortal UG artist Christophe Szpajdel. You get some well written knowledgeable articles, a bunch of in-depth reviews (music and fanzine ones) and some cool lengthy interviews. Some of the bands interviewed are Terdor, Killgasm, Festerguts, Cursed Scrolls, Nordafrost, Gokbori, Sacramentum and the almighty legends Autopsy (who partially inspired the name of the record label I co-ran for years)!! Some articles, I really enjoyed, were ones on the bands Thergothon, Moonblood (great job!) and the recently passed away Rick Ireland (used metal record store owner in Texas that also managed some metal bands over the years). The layout of the this fanzine is old school, just the way I like it, and just the way I did it, when Canadian Assault was a print zine. That is cut ‘n paste layout goodness, creepy page borders galore, UG flyers and you can just feel and smell the blood ‘n sweat put into every page as Troy did the layout. You need to get this if you still support print fanzines and you fucking should! Hails to Extreme Metal Mag!  - Dale

Extreme Metal Magazine, 1140 Richie Ave., Lima, OH. 45805, USA  





“Issue # 3 (July ’98)”

*52 pages* *A3 size* *Pro-printed (Glossy)* *Center Stapled*


Damn, now this is a fine piece of work! It is all very pro layout, clear photos and unlike ‘zines like SOD, Sloth ect. the contents equal the fine aesthetics. Inties have interesting questions and flow and include: Division 187, Nighsky Bequest, Seinburgen, Forsth, Acheron, Infernal Majesty, Castrum, Forgotten Silence (great epic one here!), ITN, Warhead Records, Benighted Leams, Fluerety, Enchanted, Burzum, Abyss Productions, Withering Surface, Canvasser, EUZ Prod., & Terrae Sole Calentes. Reviews are long and descriptive and cover demo/CD/ live alongside the most exhaustive ‘zine review section I have ever seen! True U.G. supporters! One of the more superior fanzines in the scene today.  - Dale

Freezing Flames, c/o Laszlo Kaposvari, Corvin u. 17. II/2, H-3530 Miskolc, HUNGRY  





“Issue # 5”

*48 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed* *Side stapled*


Here’s a cool old veteran fanzine from one of my tape traders. The interviews are pretty good and of decent length. The interviews are with: Below, Paradigma, The Great Kat, Merlin, and Zaraza. Also featured is an article on classical composer Bedrich Smetana, as well as small articles on “Mysterious Places” which is a cool read. Over 100 well thought out, descriptive reviews (Including some of mine).  - Dale

G.B. ‘zine, c/o Steve Poupart, P.O. Box 62, Valleyfield, Quebec, J6S 4V5, CANADA  




“Issue # 5 (Christmas Past Vol. 2)”

*32 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed*  *Corner Stapled*


This is the only other metal ‘zine to my knowledge from my new home city of Philadelphia. It is far from metal only though, as it has various articles on Bigfoot, Corney Road/The Washington mystique (apparently Philly locals are afraid of this area - I’ll tell you I went there and checked it out and maybe I just don’t scare easy, but I don’t get it!?). Also news clippings on people who committed suicide or prostitute murders (something editor Scab is particularly fond of happening) plus more. This is all mixed with metal, racism and pornography, so a unique fanzine to say the least! Inties are: Festering Puke, Twisted Tower Dire, Subsanity, Religious Fucks.  - Dale

Hatespawn, c/o Scab, 3745 Pearson Ave., Philadelphia, PA. 19114, USA  




Hellpike # 12

*40 pages*


I had heard of Hellpike through some forwards from King Wolle of Desecration of Virgin zine and finally got in touch for a trade.  The ancient cut ‘n paste layout of course is excellent, creating just the right filthy and dark atmosphere. Though reading yet another revenge interview with 2 or 3 word answers is an exercise in frustration and come off as an embarrassment to the band.  Some of the great interviews on the other hand are lust, scepter, front beast and altar of perversion was killer. For me the reviews are of good length and there are just enough of them to keep things interesting and not over done by cramming in too many like Canadian Assault are often guilty of. Take a ride on the Hellpike no tokens needed you’ll pay in blood.  - Dale

c/o Hurricane, Grabenstr. 17, 56575 Weibenthurm, Germany  




“Issue # 3”

*56 pages* *Xeroxed* *Side Stapled*


This is a killer Malaysian zine that really puts it’s soul into the metal scene and in particular the Malay scene. The culture really comes thru the pages giving it a nice exotic feel. Inties: Mistik, Lux Occulta, Aura, Kibosh Sibyl Kismet, Callenish Circle, Beast Petrify, Sailendra, Muzik Box Prod., Tandus + more. Also you get live reviews, some scene reports and the usual demo/album reviews. You really should support this zine.  – Dale

Jalan Nakhoda 16, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai 81300, Johor Bahru, WEST MALAYSIA 




“Issue # 4”

*28 pages* *A5 size* *Xeroxed* *Center Stapled*


Great zine name! Anyone who is easily offended, steer clear. Interviews include: Chupacabra, Babraham Stincolin & The Dirty Cocksuckers. As well as some articles, newspaper clippings & goofy artwork. It’s a tad brief but the price (which is the price thru me, not sure what the editor sells it for, I passed all of his flyers before doing this review-sorry) reflects that, interesting read. I made some great old school wrestling VHS trades with this duded - cool guy.  - Dale

I.H.Y.M.F. ‘zine, P.O. Box 104, Savoy, IL. 61874, USA  





“Issue # 1”

*48 pages* *Newsprint* *Center Stapled*


This is easily one of the best zines in North America and one hell of a debut!! The editors are Jill Girardi (Metal Mafia zine, ex-Mortal Coil zine) and Billy Nocera (ex-The Coven zine) and the two of course also comprise Razorback records. The zine is named after an old classick horror film. The layout is totally old horror film poster style – fucking great idea! Interesting inties include: Impetigo (thanx for this one especially Billy!), Dead Infection, Cryptopsy, Necrony, Blower, Flesh Feast, Engorged, Brutalized zine, Unhallowed, underground artist Brad Moore, Headfucker records and more death/grind insanity! Beyond great!  – Dale

c/o Billy Nocera, Box  321, Farmingville, NY. 11738, USA



INNER VOID (Hard Music Journal)

“Issue # 2”

*52 pages* *A4 size* *Newsprint (b/w Glossy Cover)* *Center Stapled*


I always hated that term ‘hard music’, it was (when it was first introduced) nothing but a term to sway metalheads away from real metal and towards alternative/ grunge shit. This is one killer mag though. The interviews are brief but interesting & include: Stuck Mojo(zzz…), One Life Crew, Fleshtized, Crush Efekt, Regurgitation, Broken Hope, In Flames, Compression, and Pissed Midgets. I thought it was cool chuck has a big listing of radio shows/stations who play metal to help bands wanting to get their name out. Also cannot forget mention the cover saying that says “$3 or $10 if you are a vegan fag!”  - Dale

Inner V.O.I.D., P.O. Box 975, Dickson, TN. 37055, USA  





“Issue # 5”

*64 pages* *A4 size* *Newsprint* *Center Stapled*


If you read my 2nd issue than you know I love this ‘zine! This time around even more mental thrashing is induced and that is saying something. If memory serves this time there are more pics, which is cool. Like the last one inties range from short to long but always interesting. This time they include: …And Oceans, Arch Enemy, Assuck, Avulsed, Boobie Hatch, Brutalized ‘zine, Damaged, Deaden, Incantation, Martyr (this Canadian band never bothered to answer my letter!?), Mental Home, Morticite, Odes Of Ecstasy, Pessimist, Rotten Sound, Scepter, Sculptured & The End Records. This is in the mandatory category. I heard this might be the last issue I hope not!  - Dale

Spew, c/o Bart, P.O. Box 785, Cookeville, TN. 38503, USA  




Issue 3

*66 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed* *Side Stapled*


My old friend and metal brother Paul Sanchez of Death By Metal fanzine and Doomsdays Today cassette record label has finally done it! He has revived his short lived fanzine (though truth be told issue 1 was I believe a 2 page newsletter), which was first established way the fuck back in 1994! I mean talk about dedication to continue to keep going in this UG metal scene of ours, and despite them being dead but dreaming, he has recently invigorated both his fanzines that started out in the 1990s. Death By Metal ‘zine returned and has been kicking some ass again in recent years, Paul has been talking about bringing back La Muerte (Spanish for The Death) for a couple years now and here we have it. As everything with Paul this fanzine is complete old school from the xeroxing, to the layout, and hell I believe he even only accepts snail mail orders as he is not a big fan of the internet and not a fan at all of social media and things like this. Right from the editorial and opening pages you will quickly realize this was a labour of love, hate and grief, in short a very personal experience where you will quickly feel Paul’s personality and vision bleeding through the pages. Some religious talk too, but brief thankfully. There are some really good interviews (a fairly eclectic line-up stylistically / musically speaking) in this issue with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Wolven Plague, Solstice (USA), Pornohelmut, Agathocles (I dig this grind band) Spermask, Richard Ramirez, Shitstormtrooper, Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed vocalist, Drugs Of Faith, Editor of the ‘90s fanzine Disposable Underground) and more. I think my three favourite interviews are with Mike Browning of Nocturnus AD (ex-Nocturnus, ex-Acheron, ex-Morbid Angel), but it did start out with a laugh for me, as the whole intro is one sentence saying Mike Browning needs absolutely no introduction, then what is question #1? Please introduce yourself Mike. :) But good interview that I enjoyed. The second is with Soulgrinder fanzine, this is an absolute killer old school fanzine run by Paul Caravasi from my area where I live here in northeast PA. The third was Ula Gehret (long time Metal Maniacs writer, long time Century Media Records employee in the US & Germany, plus he did a fanzine before all that called Comedy Of Errors). This was really a damn great interview, where Ula put in the time and effort to make it good, and I enjoyed it very much. Ula was a fave Maniacs writer of mine and I met him in the late ‘90s at a metalfest, cool guy who surprisingly to me had read issues of Canadian Assault. You also get a nice line up of reviews to read. This is a really good old style, DIY layout fanzine from a long time dedicated UG metal demon that you should support.  - Dale

$13 US to: Paul Sanchez, P.O. Box 1331, Plainview, TX. 79073, USA      




“Newsletter # 6”

*16 pages* *A4 size* *Newsprint* Center Glued*


Nice solid publication Shane has put together and the maturity of being on his 6th issue shows. I may not always agree with his reviews but they are descriptive and his writing style is good. The interviews he chose this time were all with bands of great interest to me: Gorguts, Skitzo, and Cannibal Corpse.  - Dale

Last Judgment, P.O. Box 692, Arkansas, KS. 67005, USA  





“Issue # 2”

*32 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed* *Center Stapled*


Cool cover art, by editor Catherine (she is selling her artwork too, write her for prices). Especially considering her age (15) this is well done. Other than some space waste - no complaints. I guess I better mention that there is a 60/40 English/French language split in the writing. Interviews are: Bethlehem, Impaled Nazerene, Brutal Truth, Martyr, Moonlyght, Iconoclasm, Heic Noenum Pax. Only a handful of demo/album/ live reviews but there is also a Sodom discography and a cool metal crossword. Good foundation to build from.  - Dale

L. ‘N Spikes, c/o Catherine, 35 Brousseau, Loretteville, Quebec, G2A 2R2, CANADA  




“Issue # 1”

*24 pages* *A5 size* *Xeroxed* *Center stapled*



This is a cool, fucked up little ‘zine. A bit retarded and chaotic but I dig that. Interviews with Pernicious fanzine, Pissed Midgets, Poets Of The Plague. Along side some interesting articles (MTV , Nazism, ect.) and general ranting plus a few reviews & cartoons. Not a ton to read but good and the price is right.  - Dale

L.B.B. ‘zine, c/o Fluffy G., P.O. Box 7892, Atlantic City, NJ. 08203, USA  




“Issue # 25”

*44 pages* *A4 size* *Newsprint* *Center Glued*


Chris is back, I am happy and proud to say with a batch of new, always in-depth and interesting interviews (he is pretty much my fave interviewer in the scene): The Chasm, Agent Steel, Bloodfeast, Metal Nightmare ‘zine, & Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds ‘zine. There are a bunch of reviews but all are short, but as Chris told me “I can’t do long reviews as it isn’t really in me, it wouldn’t be honest writing”, when he was hanging out at my place in Philly. I can respect that, I also greatly respect him for having the longest running ‘zine in North America (since 1986 bitch!!). A true metal warrior. You need this and it is free just send postage.  - Dale

Metal-Core, c/o Chris Forbes, 13 Carriage Ln., Marlton, NJ. 08053-1109, USA  





“Issue # 11”

*42 pages* *A4 size* *Pro-Printed (White stock)* *Center Stapled*


Another fine issue from one of the longest ongoing ‘zines out there. M.C. believe as I do small font = more material for the reader and that is cool. The inties are handled w/ great poise and class and include: Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, The Great Kat, Jello Biafra (worth the price alone!), Unleashed, Skepticism, Sigh, Hellwitch, & Hemdale. Over 750 fucking reviews!! Which is a crazy amount for one issue but I guess when you take a year or more between prints things tend to pile up. I can understand and sympathize with that fact. This comes with a free comp CD and Ray Miller, deserves your support he is one dedicated motherfucker.  - Dale

Metal Curse, P.O. Box 302, Elkhart, IN. 46515-0302, USA   





“Issue # 5”

*60 pages* *A4 size* *Photo-copied* *Side Stapled*


Here is a cool ‘zine, ran by two (now three) dedicated metalhead chicks. I enjoyed reading this bad ass mag, the reviews are good and include live reviews (Milwaukee Metalfest, Cleveland World Series Of Metal ect.) alongside the demo/CD reviews. Inties are: Insatanity, Gothic, Somnus, Nile, Internal Bleeding, Avernus, artist P.J. Skoggins, Disfigured, and Sacrilege Newsletter. I believe Dea may be sold out but I have a couple copies on my distro list.  - Dale

Metal Mafia, c/o Dea Evenbeck, Box 5101, Fostoria, OH. 44830-5101, USA 




“Issue # 6”

*32 pages* *A4 size* *Newsprint* *Center Glued*


Great ‘zine! Jill Girardi of Razorback Records has come on board and well I guess I don’t need to tell you, read the epic interview with all 3 editors of Metal Mafia in this issue. Some really fun interviews in this issue, featured bands (all of them American) include: The New Breed, Lividity, Garden Of Shadows, The Reefer Hut, Adnauseum, D.A.G., Skinned, Intellektual Spew ‘zine. Reviews are pretty brief but they get the point across nicely and even include a review of the Ohio Deathfest, alongside a couple comical cartoons. The font could have been a bit smaller but that is nit-picking.  - Dale





“Issue # 2”

*42 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed* *Center Stapled*


Jeff is a cool guy and I was happy to trade ‘zines with him. There are a couple fun special sections like scene reports, many photos of Jeff himself and many with tv/movie stars, Email Wars, & a story about getting drunk and meeting Stuttering John. I was also initially going to compliment Jeff on his nice clean layout, except he doesn’t do the layout! Two of his friends do the layout (they are also listed as editors, I hope only copy editing as otherwise it would pretty lame). Jeff’s reviews are the ‘zines strong point as they are extremely funny and entertaining! Interviews are: Steve Vai (Too bad I’m not a fan as this interview is epic lengthen and you know how I love that!!), Wizard, Poets Of Plague, Amon Amarth, Erytrosy. Oh yeah, I have to say the font is too large, it is a waste of content. Metal Rules!  - Dale

c/o Jeff Rappaport, 2116 Sandra Road, Voorhees, NJ. 08043, USA  




“Issue # 19”

*48 pages* *A4 size* *Newsprint* *Center Stapled*


Not sure but if memory serves but I think this zine actually started out as a newsletter originally. Don’t quote me on that though. The layout is nicely done and easy to read, the reviews are descriptive and I like the writer’s styles. There is an article here by the editor Tom eloquently entitled “Fuck” and it is his rant about everything that pisses him off in the scene (I had actually thought of doing an similar article in my last issue but ran out of space). Inties are good but too short for me personally as they struggle to fill up a page (but some people like it that way I guess): Vader, Benumb, Madball, Crowbar, Fury Of 5, Cradle Of Filth, and Necropolis Records.  - Dale

Midwest Metal, 120 Broadview Vill. Sq., Suite 406, Broadview, IL. 60153, USA  




Issue # 10"

*152 pages!* *A5 Half-Sized* *Pro Printed* *Center Stapled* *English*


I was so damn stoked when I opened this package and realized what was inside. I had thought this issue had already come out years ago, and I never got a copy or maybe it was not coming out. I alluded to this in the Death By Metal fanzine review that had a very old interview with me in it, the time is shorter, but the same thing with this issue of Noise And Shit also has an interview with me for CA that I filled out about 5 years ago! The really crazy thing is I received these two ‘zines with old interviews I did in them only two days apart! What are the chances of that?! It was kismet from the UG metal gods (or demons) on high! But on to the issue itself, it is a 25 year anniversary issue that features some great old photos of the editor and history attached to this mag. This issue is absolutely packed and the font is on the smaller side, so you know there is sooo much content in here, it is a literal novel. The interviews are done exactly how I like them with knowledge and research about the person / band, great well thought out questions and extremely in-depth. I can not stress enough how good these interviews are, they include Headhunter D.C., Acheron, Gabriel of Compilation of Death ‘zine, Miserycore, Beastiality, Caligari Records, Iron Pegasus Records, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Ricardo of Crypts Of Eternity ‘zine, Ejecutor, Nunslaughter, Deathmessiah (Communion, ex-Chainsaw) of Proselytism Records, Vulcano, Weapons of Conquest Productions, Necorvore, Necromaniac ‘zine, UG painter / illustrator All Gore, Bells Of Acheron ‘zine / Trauma Records, Canadian Assault ‘zine, Force of Darkness, Necros Christos, Sijjin, Demonic Rage plus more. I told you it was packed to the point of seams bursting! I did not even mention all the fanzine reviews and mini-posters in the center of Pentagram, Deicide etc… Also I did not even mention yet the posters and the fold out cover are quality glossy cardboard. The layout is total UG DIY cut ‘n paste style, the look, the attitude, the interviews actually remind of old print issues of Canadian Assault in a lot of ways. If I was still making print issues of Canadian Assault, this issue of the mighty Noise And Shit fanzine is exactly what it would be like. I do not think I can give any higher praise than that. The best fanzine I have read in years! Cheers to Huaira! Get a copy immediately.  - Dale    Huaira Herrera, Av. Suecia N. 1281 OF. 901, Providencia, Santiago, CHILE     





“Oct.-Dec. 1998 Issue”

*60 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed* *Side Stapled*


This is the double length anniversary edition of this newsletter/’zine. What a read it is! Not many reviews but all are pretty much demos and all interviews are w/ demo bands. Offbeat and cool inties w/: Awful, Enmortem, Cerebral Turbulency, Limits Of Nestient, Biolich, Imperial Doom, Entorturement, Pandemia, Mortaja, Needful Things, Ironia, Impacto Fecal, Amorbital, Psychopathia, Martyrium Christ, Dethroned, Cenotaph(Turk), Morgue, Brutal Dissection, Turning Black, T.O.O.H., Peversist. All, brutal death/grind to the max. Don’t be cheap and send a buck for postage even if it is free!  - Dale

Pernicious, c/o Eamon, 1101 Midland St., Uniondale, NY. 11553, USA  



SATAN’S CANDY BASKET (Treats From The Underground)

“Issue # 3”

*52 pages* *Newsprint (b&w Glossy Cover)* *Center Stapled*


Burt is back with another killer issue. It was nice to see Burt turn his focus back this issue to underground acts and away from the mainstream who do not need the support, in my opinion. Inties are: Cannibal Corpse, Cardiovascular-Sub Hypothermia, Fear Factory, Fleshtized, Fury Of 5, Genitorturers, actor Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead’s 1 & 2 ect.), Immolation, Inhumate, Insatanity, Jungle Rot, Lividity, Pulkas and Severance. I get a ton of flack for my small font, well a great deal of this issue has me beat!  - Dale

S.C.B. ‘zine, c/o Burt Wolf, 644 E High Street, Apt. 2B, Pottstown, PA. 19464, USA 




“Issue # 1”

*143 pages!* *Xeroxed* *Side stapled*


A totally dedicated and huge debut attacking fanzine! Quality interviews with Twisted Tower Dire, Hormala zine. Eternal Throne, Azarial, Kremation, Beast Petrify, Small Budget Productions, and there is tons more. This mini-novel is packed with nice stuff and a tonnage of underground flyers reprinted.  - Dale

c/o Emperor Nizam, BLK 214, Marsiling Lane, #02-800, SINGAPORE 730214




Issue #3”

*78 Pages* *A5 Size* *Pro Printed*


Okay, I know this has very little to do with metal, though lyrically the subject matters they cover of sleaze, exploitation, porn and horror movies and the many sub-genres these areas have spawned especially in the exploitation theater such as bikersploitation, nunsploitation, women in prisonsploitation, occult & satanic panicsploitation etc… match up very well with the extreme UG metal scene. So, there is something in Sleazefiend for most metal fanatics, not to mention for selfish reasons as well, as I am friends with the editor (I co-hosted a movie podcast called Exploited Cinema with him for a couple years). Not even mention I wrote a couple full length bikersploitation reviews in this very issue, as well as reviews and an article in past issues. Speaking of which, as you can probably tell, the main theme this issue is focusing upon is in fact the bikersploitation sub-genre. Now, having said that, the biker exploitation focus, probably ends up taking up less than half of the issue. Some of the other contents are things like a very interesting and well written mini-restrospective review article of the Women in Prison genre within this corner of the exploitation universe, which largely saw it’s heyday in the amazing ‘70s independent film scene. You also get a second hand story from the set of biker movie Stone Cold with stories of Lance Hendrickson partying and scoring speed and meth. You get career retrospectives of horror masters George A. Romero and Wes Craven. I bet many of you did not realize even beyond his first break exploitation movie Last House On The Left, that Wes Craven started out as a hardcore porn movie director and even made an appearance in one of his XXX movies called Angela The Fireworks Woman as the character Abe Snake! That is not the end of it, as there is also a three page article on Charles Manson and the Family with details you do not always hear that much about with this infamous story. Plus there is more I am not even listing. Besides all written contents, the thing looks great and has some great artwork, some cool page borders, interesting layouts and tons of heart and dedication spilled across every page. It does not really have much in the way of actual pictures of full on hardcore sex, but you do get tons of visuals and screen shots of sleaze, tits and bush to enjoy. What do you expect when ordering a mag with the name Sleazefiend? They deliver!  - Dale      




“Issue # 2 (June ’98)"

*48 pages* *A4 size* *Newsprint* *Center Stapled*


This great young ‘zine covers all extremes but divides most of it’s time between hardcore and death metal. Inties include: One Life Crew, Cold As Life, Denied, Inhuman, which are all in-depth just like I like ‘em! You also get a ton of long, descriptive reviews alongside a portion of the Unabomber Manifesto was re-printed. Great cartoons of South Park & a blaspheming Sesame Street one adorn the inside covers. Support editor Mike Rogers he is one dedicated and all around cool motherfucker. Expect more focus on death metal next issue. - Dale

Sociopathic Despair, P.O. Box 10025, Bowling Green, KY. 42102-4825, USA  





“Issue # 1"

*66 pages* *Pro-printed* *Center Stapled*


I was very happy, to receive this debut issue of Souldgrinder, a new fanzine that comes from my own backyard here in Pennsylvania. The editor, Paul Caravasi, while this may be his first issue, he is no rookie in the ‘zine world. I got in touch with Paul, a few years back when he was writing for and distributing, Aquelarre fanzine from Peru. He has decided to branch out on his own, the result of which by my eye is simply fantastic. The layout is totally old school underground style, with sick classic page borders, that makes the old metal goat in me very satisfied while looking it over. Unlike my early issues all the photos, logos, adverts etc… look really good and are not dark. You get nearly everything that makes a solid UG fanzine like album, demo reviews, gig review, as well the pleasing for me horror movie reviews. Once again here, the layout of the review sections brings me back, to the best fanzines of the early to mid ‘90s. You also get a cool metal undead mini-comic book, right smack in the middle of this thing, featuring some cool morbid artwork. So you know, everything is delivered fine form, but what about some of the guts of this thing? Yes my fiends here it is the interview line up: Faith Or Fear, Explicit Hate, Betrayer F.T.M., Tyrants Reign, Phil Anselmo, Toxic Wine, Aftermath, Mercynary, Combat, Don Doty, Evil Army, Machinage, Rigor Mortis. I know the price is a touch steep, but I can assure you, you get plenty of quality within these 66 pages to back it up. Highly Recommended.  - Dale

Soulgrinder Zine #1 is available + free Pro Button pin. $11.00 (postage included in the US) * $14.00 (postage included overseas). Paypal:   





“Issue # 2"

*96 pages* *Pro-printed*


The great Soulgrinder fanzine returns to the pages of Canadian Assault! It is a little harder to review from a PDF file and just not the same thing as holding it in your mitts. But I am assuming above, it is still fully pro printed and everything, like the first issue. Editor-in-Chief Paul continues the great old school tradition, of page border layouts with sick artwork, but with some slick computer style layout mixed in. The interviews are a plenty and include Artillery, Sinaya, Napalm Death, Madrost, Kraken, Corsair, Sunlord, Amon, Hardcore, Nocturnus, Necroriser, Autopsy, Shadow Host, Cancer, Cardiac Arrest, Attacker, Kobra And The Lotus, Suffocation, Whiplash, Zavotage, Obituary and more! Plus a cool metal comic, titled “The Vinyl Killer” and interesting nice article about the annual Maryland Deathfest & Brutality Metalfest. Plus of course lots of music reviews, horror movie reviews and a few fanzines reviews. Check out the youtube link below to see a visual of the innards of this thing and other information on it. This thing is packed at a thick 96 pages. Support Paul and get this killer fanzine, which is keeping the flames of the old metal ways burning!  - Dale    




“Issue # 3"

*100 pages* *Pro-printed*


The mighty Soulgrinder returns with another issue and each issue seems to be thicker than the last one. Their headquarters is based out of Pennsylvania, not terribly far from where I live, however myself and the editor Paul Caravasi have never crossed paths to my knowledge. I would say if I was still doing a print issue, it would like look very much like this one and well my print issues were pretty similar to this, I guess that is why I like it so much haha. Paul is totally old school and keep the old traditions alive, the look of the book is very underground with killer evil and gory page borders with lots of cool visuals to go with all the information on the scene within the texts. I also appreciate very much most of Paul’s interviews are quite indepth and there is thought put into them and not the same eight questions sent out to every band. Interviews this issue include: Cryptic Slaughter, Razorback Records, Nervosa, Sacrifice, Metal Crucifier, Frightmare, Deceased etc… Plus of course you get a boatload of album, demo, vinyl, fanzine and horror movie reviews. Soulgrinder is a must have fanzine, I very highly recommend this great fanzine, get it now!  - Dale     




Issue # 4"

*96 Pages* *Pro-printed*


We have the triumphant return of the darkness and evil known as Soulgrinder fanzine! It is always a true pleasure to receive an issue of this great ‘zine. It is good to see the mag is still going strong in this barren printed metal UG publication landscape. As you come to expect, from editor Paul, you are treated to a marriage of newer computer layout techniques blended seamlessly with old school sick gory page borders and cut ‘n paste look. Hails to Paul for keeping this hallowed old tradition alive! You get plenty of reviews here of albums, demos, fanzines and horror movies. This thing is packed with interviews featuring bands like Solstice, Savage Master, Wehrmacht, Hatchet, Blood Feast, Caelestia, Mortuus Sum, Edenkaiser, Holocaustum, Mutilated Zombies, Metal Church, VHS, Profaner etc… Paul seems to have a fetish for female fronted extreme metal bands, as there are not that many of those out there yet he always healthy amount of them in the line up. I like that the questions are thoughtful and not just the same eight questions, repeated over and over, to each band like some zines do because they are too lazy to put work and time into it. Well done here. I am not sure what the current price is, but check out the links and get in touch with Paul as this comes very highly recommended! Also, be sure to ask about the new compilation album Soulgrinder, which has recently released.  - Dale     




“Issue # 5"

*78 pages* *Pro-Printed*


Pennsylvania’s Soulgrinder fanzine is back again, slimmed down slightly, but still successfully summoning the legions of hell to protect and support the extreme metal underground scene! Editor Paul Caravasi’s passion of the scene, as always, bleeds through on each and every page of this killer print fanzine. There are so few American ‘zines still producing print issues, Paul should be commended for keeping the old flame burning so bright. Soulgrinder has a newer style slick layout, yet always keeping alive the old school fanzine style I fell in love with, by utilizing sick page borders and classic look. You get loads of reviews here of albums, demos, fanzines and horror movies plus a couple band bios. This thing is packed with interviews featuring bands like The Force, Dave Ingram (one of the best death metal growlers ever in my opinion!!), Blood, Nefarious, Invasion, Rabid Flesh Eaters, Mantra Wheel, Devotion, Oblivion, Threat, Sauron, Witchery (Peru) etc… As always, everything is well done here. I am not sure what the current price is, but check out the links and get in touch with Paul, as this comes very highly recommended! Also, be sure to ask about the new compilation album under the same moniker of Soulgrinder, it is chock full of great South American death, black, thrash metal bands put together by an authority on that amazing scene.  - Dale     




Issue # 6"

*66 Pages* *Pro-printed*


Rising up from the hellfire pits of Pennsylvania (in the part of the state I live no less!) is possibly the best print fanzine in America today continues to soldier on with a brand new issue. The layout is a good looking mix and vibe of computer layout and killer old school page borders. The writing is solid and this issue features the following interesting interviews with Day Of Doom, Anialator, Macabre Eternal, Bloodphemy (Oh man how about that band name hehe), Teloch Vovin, Pestilent Gloom, Pete Sandoval of Terrorizer plus a handful of band bios. There is a special treat interview with cult ultra low budget film director Donald Farmer, who produced movies like Cannibal Hookers (1987), Scream Dream (1989), Vampire Cop (1990), Savage Vengeance (1993) and more. There are a ton of reviews that for me are about the perfect length, not too short and they don’t overstay their welcome by dragging on too long as many seem to these days (I am guilty of it myself at times J). So, do yourself a favour if you are a print fanzine die hard and order a copy of this great fanzine. Cheers to Paul for keeping the faith and the old school flame burning bright!  - Dale     




“Issue # 7"

*108 pages* *Pro-printed*


It is always a true pleasure when I get a copy of the newest issue of Soulgrinder. This is possibly they premiere print fanzine in America today, in my opinion. This has to be their thickest issue to date, or close to it, at a hefty 108 pages. As you can see from the cover above, and past issues, each volume features great artwork from cover to cover. Some of that superb art is supplied by UG artist legend Mark Riddick, whose artwork I discovered way back in I want to say 1993ish, when I read an interview with him and his twin brother that covered their band at the time and Mark’s artwork. The formatting is a mix of newer technology with old school DIY cut ‘n paste style, well done layouts and page borders, which I always adore. There are some really good interviews with bands like Lectern, Cruel Bomb, Ritual Moon, Encryptment, Fatal Agent, Horrendous, Johnny Z (of Megaforce Records fame) and they turned me on to Luna In Sanguinem (even though I know the main man’s band Evil Incarnate well), which is a fucking killer band! Plus of course there are a bunch of album, demo and horror movie reviews, bios, a metal comic and tons more! I can not recommend Soulgrinder highly enough, so get in touch with Paul and get yourself a copy immediately.  - Dale     




Issue # 9"

*90 pages* *Pro-printed* *Center Stapled*


The mighty Soulgrinder fanzine returns to the pages of Canadian Assault. You can look back through my reviews of this ‘zine through the years, you will discover the kind of high esteem I hold this mag in. Everything in this issue is high quality, from the presentation with excellent artwork and killer page borders by fellow metal fiends of the scene to the reviews, which include horror movie reviews. Plus there is tons of adverts for totally UG entities wall to wall, as well as a practice I do not remember any ‘zines really doing since the early to mid ‘90s, which is to write or copy little one page bios on a bunch of bands (ala this issue with Naitaka, Blood Spore, Black Horizons, Lost Sequence, Lucifixion, Nekromantheon etc…). Then you have the main course meal, for me at least, the interviews and this time around you have bands like Internal Bleeding, Revel In Flesh, Konvent, Xibalba, Fulci & Death Kommander. I left out one interview in that list and it is a dual (some of the same members in both bands) interview of the Mexican bands Morbid Messiah & Rotting Grave, which is a great one and I enjoyed it very much. I was already a fan of Morbid Messiah, but it made me go listen to the rest of their stuff and get into Rotting Grave, so mission accomplished! Editor Paul Caravasi who lives here in my area of Northeast Pennsylvania is a dedicated man you should support and does everything in his power to promote the scene with this fanzine, his record label, and even setting up live shows in the area. Just as an aside, now that I think about it the print version of Canadian Assault lasted 9 issues, and Soulgrinder has now hit that mark too. But I hope Soulgrinder stays around for a long, long time as is, the UG scene needs it!  - Dale     




“Issue # 4”

*48 pages* *Newsprint* *Center Stapled*


I love this zine! The editor Kristie (who I met at the Milwaukee Metalfest – hails!) does a great job and is a talented writer. Interviews are: Dawnbringer, Usurper, Emperor, In Aeturnum, writer of “Lords Of Chaos” Micheal Moynihan. Also a story about a Spear writers trip to Norway and plenty of anti-christian blasphemy to go around.  - Dale

c/o Kristie Snyder, P.O. Box 691, Orange, VA. 22960, USA   





“Issue # 9”

*36 pages* *A4 size* *Xeroxed* *Corner Stapled*


I must say I greatly admire editor King’s (Deceased/October 31) love and drive for metal and the metal cause! Sometimes our opinions on bands greatly differ but for the most part we like to travel the same metallic pathways. I really enjoyed this issue as it’s main figurehead inties are: Saxon & Corpse Vomit, as well as a cool article called “Priest .VS. Maiden (Who’s the greatest?)” which is pretty self-explainatory. Tho’ how he can defend the last 2 Maiden albums is beyond me! The rest of the ‘zine is pure reviews which King makes very entertaining to read in his charismatic writing style. I know from hanging with King at the NJ Meltdown fest he is metal to the fucking core!!  - Dale

S.T.S.U.A.S.U. ‘zine, c/o King Fowley, 5953 N. 10th St., Arlington, VA. 22205, USA  






“Issue # 1 (Feb. ’98)"

*80 pages* *A3 size* *Pro-printed (b&w Glossy Cover)* *Center Stapled*


A great, great true power/heavy metal fanzine and especially amazing that this is the debut issue! Interviews include: Lordian Guard (ex-Warlord), Cauldron Born, Domine, Skylark, Brocas Helm, Vigilence, Refugium Pecatorum, OPM Records, Outcast, Dream Devoid, Guardian Angel, Brazen Faced, Marauder. Super nice clean and pro looking layout.  - Dale

Steel Conjuring, c/o Manos Koufakis, Sokratus 37, 12462 Dasos Haidariou, Athens, GREECE 





Issue #16” w/DVD-R Compilation

*36 Pages* *Pro Printed*


It was super great to get a copy of this fanzine. It was provided once again from my US based connection to the South American scene, in the form of one Paul Caravasi of Soulgrinder zine. This is a nice looking fanzine, a fairly standard but good layout purely with a computer utilizing image backgrounds behind the text, but the cover is glossy with a colour front and back cover and comes with a bonus foldout two sided poster (Skepticism/Picture). Also, as I am sure you have read in the title, it comes with a dvdr of promo music videos from no less than 30 bands! Well, more on that later, first the printed fanzine itself. It is unfortunately for me, written in editor’s (Juan Carlos Muro who is ex-bassist of Mortem) the native language in Peru, but I still very much enjoyed looking through it. There are the staple album, demo, fanzine reviews plus a slew of interviews with Falkenback, Artillery, Picture, Madman’s Esprit, Evadne, Slegest, Skepticism, Dodsferd, Pathogen etc… I can not speak to the writing, but it looks like a quality fanzine. Now on to the dvdr, which is a pretty cool idea, and of course bands / labels want the promos they made to get out there as much as possible, so it is probably a lot easier than a compilation CD to put together. I have to admit though, when I seen the running time, I thought man I might only watch every second video on this thing. But I will be damned if it did not bring back nostalgic feelings for me of watching the music video show in Canada called the Pepsi Metal Power Hour each week, so before I knew it I had watched the entire 3 hours of this thing and enjoyed it!! For me, the best videos tended to be Moribund Records bands like those from Abhor, Bleeding Fist, Haeresiarch Of Dis, but some others I really liked were from bands like Artillery, Indiscipline, Otargos, Phrenetix (a killer thrash tune with the best female thrash vocals I have ever heard), Stillborn, The Lumberjack Feedback (a ton of work & time must have went into this video – great!) and Thornafire. This is a very cool idea doing a DVD, as the majority of the thirty tracks are from bands either interviewed or reviewed within this issue. I can tell a lot of dedication went into this fanzine and it definitely deserves your attention.  - Dale






Issue # 9"

*96 Pages* *Pro Printed*


I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Tough Riffs issue 9 and it is a hefty one at that. So, one of the reasons I have been anticipating this is the editor Dima wrote me a while ago, he inquired whether he could re-print some of my old classic and long in-depth interviews. I agreed of course and he has done so here with my old Gorguts, Incantation and the massive Nunlsaughter interview (the one I did with almighty Keith Dempe of Eternal Darkness zine). When I say they are in-depth interviews, I mean it; they take up 30 pages in here! It is fantastic and an honour to see them in here with new killer layouts done at Dima’s hands. What about the other 66 pages? They are excellent and Dima has created an old school style issue with page borders, backgrounds and even does most or all of the writing in typewriter font, which was a nice touch. Dima also does some interesting and well done full length interviews with Pestilence, Krypts and Full Of Hell. There is also does a section entitled “News From The Crypts”, which I think is a really good idea where he introduces a bunch of young, lesser known bands. What he does for this section is does just a mini-interview/bio on each band, which is about half to one full page per band. The bands featured are Chaotian (Denmark), Fulci (Italy), Torso (Finland), Charnal Altar(Australia), Cystic Embalment (Canada), Murder Method (USA), Reckless Manslaughter (Germany) plus a bunch more! For horror movie fanatics there is an extensive article examining the director and cult classic movie Nekromantik. Also another on one on Subspecies, which is a little known, underappreciated series of movies in my opinion that I loved back in the early to mid-90s (I awaited each sequels release at least up to the third one). Then finally another interesting feature sub-entitled “Exploring De Sade and Gothic Horror in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser”. Finishing off this awesome issue of Tough Riffs (this thing is fucking packed with quality content!) is an extensive article on Mayhem covering their existence from 1984 to 1988 that I enjoyed thoroughly. Even if you ignore my interviews the rest of the issue alone is well worth your money and comes highly recommended from me!  - Dale    Order A Copy Here     




“Issue # 1 (June ’99)"

*36 pages* *A4 size* *Pro-Printed* *Side Stapled*


Smokin’ debut! Not a lot of rookie rust here. Interviews include: Acheron, Arrows Of Malice ‘zine, Centurian, Deaden, Maleficent, Misery, Nomad, Satan’s Candy Basket ‘zine, Sorrow Bequest, & Ton. Plus the usual demo/ CD/’zine & movie reviews. Lots of upside with Richard you can tell he is one hell of a dedicated individual! Order now!  - Dale

U.B. ‘zine, c/o Richard Sickgore, 8745 Grissom Rd., Suite 236, San Antonio, TX. 78251, USA  





“Issue # 6”

*56 pages* *A4 size* *Pro Printed (Glossy b&w cover)*


Finally got a copy of this mag, tho’ I was surprised to see 80% of the writers also write for Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (Glossy national Canadian metal magazine). Very nice and pro layout (but has some blank gaps which wastes space). The reviews include demo/CD/horror movies, and a Milwaukee Metalfest review and all are well done. Inties tend to cover more mainstream-ish metal and include: Death, Sepultura, Fear Factory, Bruce Dickinson, The Haunted, Iced Earth, Gehenna, Witchery, Benumb, Sentenced, V.O.D., Crowbar, Helloween, Primordial, Evergrey, Monster Voodoo Machine, Lesser Known, Nitemare, Dillinger Escape Plan, all are interesting but too brief for my tastes, personally.  – Dale

Unrestrained!, c/o Adam Wasylyk, 3150 Spring Creek Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N 4S2, CANADA 





Issue #3 Summer 2019"

*28 Pages* *Half-Sized*


This was a pleasant surprise to find in my mailbox recently. It is a relatively new print fanzine done by Bob Minor from Kansas. I talked a bit with Bob after receiving this, and I was again surprised when I found out despite being in his early to mid 20s, he is keeping the old ways of the underground scene alive and well in almost every way you could imagine. I mean he does this fanzine, and believe it or not, he also is a tape trader with cassettes! I obviously know well that tapes have made a comeback in recent times, but I was surprised to hear people have taken it as far as starting to tape trade again. I had thought that particular tradition had generally gone the way of 8 Track tapes. I was an avid tape trader for a decade or so myself (back in the 1991-2002 era) with regular tape traders around the world. Well Bob runs what it is called the Mega Metal Mix Tape Exchange (I will put a flyer for it in this review) for traders. Being an old goat in the scene like myself, finding out there are young guys not just keeping the old music alive, that is a given, but to find out they are keeping the old ways and old flames burning fills me with pride. So, finally on to the contents, it is purely a review ‘zine and the reviews are of new, fairly recent and old (sometimes decades old late ‘80s / early ‘90s releases) demos and mainly albums. I enjoyed reading the reviews and Bob’s passion for the current UG scene and metal through the years really bleeds through in his writing. Bob also features some cool artwork and puts in a lot of adverts to support bands and people he likes. The layout has a lot of cut ‘n paste, DIY layouts, which you know I love. Check it out.  - Dale

Viral Disease zine, 10917 W. 64th Terrace, Shawnee, Kansas 66203, USA     




Other Killer Fanzines I Read During The Making Of Issue # 4:

ANTITHESIS – “Issue # 1” *40 pages* -  1317-A Tompkins Dr., Madison, WI. 53716, USA EMAIL =

ARROWS OF MALICE – “Issue # 1”*16 pages* - c/o Julia Britton, P.O. Box 668, House Springs, MO. 63051, USA

BAST – “Issue # 8” *38 pages*$2 US/$3 World* - 358 Moscow St., San Francisco, CA. 94112, USA

BRUTALIZED – “Issue # 7” *52 pages*$3US/$5 World* - c/o Phil Nauman, P.O. Box 886, Lebanon, PA. 17042, USA WEB =

CERBERUS – “Issue # 5” *32 pages* - c/o Moisanen, Kauppurienk 5B 12, 90100 Oulu, FINLAND

DEATHCORE – “Issue # 3 & 4” *$1 US/$2 World* - c/o Alex Queller, 11 Coltsbrook Raod, Marlboro, MJ. 07746, USA EMAIL =

DEATH BY METAL – “Issue # 5” *48 pages* - P.O. Box 1331, Plainview, TX. 79072, USA EMAIL =

DESECRATION OF VIRGIN – “Issue # 3” *48 pages* - c/o King Wolle, Postfach 14 70, 56804 Cochem / Mosel, GERMANY

DEVIL’S TRIANGLE – “Issue # 4”*52 pages* - P.O. Box 870232, Morrow, GA.30287-0232, USA

DISCORDIA – “Issue # 2” *40 pages*$2 CAN/$3 US/$4 World* - c/o Peter Richards, 16894 St. Andrews Rd., Caledon East, Ontario, L0N-1E0, CANADA EMAIL =

FLAK YOU NOT Newsletter (March-June)*Free* - c/o Ross A. Anthos, 6515 N. Oliphant, Chicago, IL. 60631, USA EMAIL =

FORGOTTEN CHAPEL – “Issue # 2” *46 pages*  -  c/o Mateusz Wieteska, Ceglowska 27/2, 01-809 Warszawa, POLAND

HOMESICK ABORTION – “Issue # 1”*$1 US* - (NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED!) c/o Homicidal Enterprises, PMB # 19, 7793 Burnet Road, Austin, TX. 78757, USA

LAMENTATION – “Issue # 10” *28 pages* - c/o Betchel, H-7187 Majos, V11.u.22., HUNGARY

LAST JUDGEMENT – “Issue # 7” *42 pages*$2 us* - P.O. Box 692, Arkansas City, KS. 67005, USA

MALFECIA – “Issue # 2”*64 pages*$6 US* - c/o Godwyn Micallef, Flat 8 Ent. C, Binja Hensri, Siggiewi, QRM 12, MALTA

METAL DEFIANCE – “Issue # 7” *48 pages* - c/o Belfegor, Iraklitou 94, T.K. 12243, Egaleo, GREECE

METAL –CORE – “Issue # 26 & 27” *$2US/$3 World per issue* - c/o Chris Forbes, P.O. Box 622, Marlton, NJ. 08053-1109, USA EMAIL = METALCZINE@AOL.COM

METAL DREAMS – “Issue # 3” *94 pages*$4 US/$5 World* - 2 J.R. Court, Cornwall, NY. 12518, USA EMAIL =

METAL MAFIA – “Issue # 7” *48 pages*$3 US/ $5 World* - c/o Dea Evenbeck, P.O. Box 5101, Fostoria, OH. 44830-5101, USA EMAIL =

MISTBREED – “Issue # 1” *36 pages* - c/o Joseph Mercieca, Block B Flat 5, Sannat Road, Victoria Gozo, VCT 107, MALTA

NEPTUNE – “Issue # 4”*32 pages*$1 US*$2 World* - P.O. Box 770, Townsend, MA. 01469, USA

NIGHTWALK – “Issue # 2” *36 pages* - c/o Atilla Mate, H-4032 Debrecen, Tessedik S. 140, HUNGARY EMAIL =

NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST – “Issue # 2” *28 pages*$2 US* - c/o Gabriel S. @ Nihilistic Holocaust Records   mailto:

OCEAN MORPHIQUE – “Issue # 3”*50 pages* - c/o Max Varnier, 161 Avenue Alsace Lorraine, 52100 Saint-Dizier, FRANCE

PAYO – “Issue # 7” *56 pages* (This is in the Czech language so I couldn’t obviously read it) c/o Pavel Merkl, Gagarinova 713-278 01, Kralupy nad Vltavou, CZECH REPUBLIC

PROSTATA – “Issue # 2” *32 pages*$5 World*P.O. Box 94, 7551 Hommelvik, NORWAY

QUIDDITY – “Issue # 4” *52 pages* - P.O. Box 6230, Too woomba West, Qld. 4350, AUSTRALIA

SATANS CANDY BASKET – “Issue # 4” *52 pages*$3 US/$4 CAN/$5 World* P.O. Box 1236, Pottstown, PA. 19464, USA EMAIL =

SHORT WAVE WARFARE – “Issue # 2” *64 pages* - 5433 Clayton Rd., Suite K-373, Clayton, CA. 94517, USA EMAIL =

SINGING SWORDS – “Issue # 3” *84 pages* -  c/o Costas “The Tyrant”, D. Pouraimi Str. 25, 13671 Aharnes, Athens, GREECE

TALES OF THE MACABRE – “Issue # 5”*52 pages*$5 World* - c/o Costa Stoios, Brunnenstr. 6, 54538 Kinderbeuern Hetzhof, GERMANY

TOXIC FLYER – “Issue # 27” *48 pages* - (Punk & hardcore zine) c/o Billy Whitfield, P.O. Box 39158, Baltimore, MD. 21212, USA

THE BLASPHEMER – “Issue # 1”*64 pages* - P.O. Box 882, Blacksburg, VA. 24063-0882, USA

UNDERGROUND BRUTALITY – “Issue # 2” *42 pages*$3 US/$4 World* - c/o Richard Sickgore, P.O. Box 500122, San Antonio, TX. 78280, USA

UNHOLY TERROR – “Issue # 1” *44 pages* - c/o Hacker, Grosser Buechel 6, 53619 Rheinbreitbach, GERMANY WEB =

UNRESTRAINED! – “Issue # 7” *56 pages* - c/o Adam Wasylyk, 3150 Spring Creek Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, L5N-4S2, CANADA  EMAIL =

BATTLE HELM – “Issue # 3” *52 pages*$3 US/$4 World* - P.O. Box 175, Chaska, MN. 55318, USA

PROMETHEAN CRUSADE – “Issue # 3 & 4” *$2 USA/$2.50 CAN* - 119 King St., Pottstown, PA. 19464, USA

CHAOTIC CRITIQUES – “Issue # 11” *30 pages*$2 N. America/$3 World* - c/o Tate Bengtson, P.O. Box 426, Lumby, B.C., V0E-2G0, CANADA

HELLFROST – “Issue # 6” *90 pages* - 9933 W. Argonne Dr., Milwaukee, WI. 53222, WEB =

GOREWORM – “Issue # 3” (Great and sick comic U/G comic book!) - ???

LEATHER ‘N SPIKES – Issue # 2” *40 pages* - c/o Cath, 35 Brosseau, Loretteville, Quebec, G2A-2R2, CANADA EMAIL =

METAL RULES! – “Issue # 4 & 5” *46 pages*$4 US/$6 World* - c/o Jeff Rappaport, 2116 Sandra Road, Voorhees, NJ. 08043, USA  WEB =

JACKAL BLASTER – “Issue # 2 & 3” *34 pages*$2 US/$4 World* - c/o Jeramy Ponder, P.O. Box 128, St. Mary, MO. 63673-0128, USA  EMAIL =

LAMENTATIONS OF A FLAME PRINCESS – “Issue # 2 & 3” *64 pages*$2 US/$3 World* - c/o Jim Raggi, 710 Peachtree St. # 418, Atlanta, GA. 30308, USA  EMAIL =

THE BLACK – “Issue # 1” – c/o Christhians Marino, Gustavo Gallinal, 1993 CP 11800, Montevideo, URUGUAY

WORM GEAR – “Issue # 7 & 8” *$2 US/$4 World* - P.O. Box 426, Mayfield, MI. 49666, USA  WEB =

BERZERKER – “Issue # 9” *64 pages* - c/o Daniel Schler, P.O. Box 23455, Phoenix, AZ. 85063, USA

LA LETTRE DE SAPPHO – “Newsletter # 6” *8 pages*$1 US/1 IRC* - (WRITTEN IN FRENCH) 11, Rue du Quartier Neuf, 88230 Fraize, FRANCE